Recruitment Agency Benefit #3 — Conduct Interviews

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Conducting interviews can be stressful considering the number of people you have to screen, shortlist and, eventually, interview. Carrying out these processes by yourself take time and money – recruitment agencies conduct them for a lot less. Recruitment agencies usually have effective methods on how they screen applicants for job roles. Sometimes, they can go as far as carrying out brief phone interviews to further narrow down numbers of applicants before they eventually carry out the proper interview. Also, a recruitment consultant often knows the right questions to ask and the signs to watch out for during interviews, better than you do.

Recruitment Agency Benefit #2 — Better Job Ads

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Except your company is a household name in the metro Atlanta area, your advert for openings may not be met with the kind of profile you require. Often, passive job seekers are preoccupied with doing other things; they are not so interested in working with a company name they haven’t heard so much about. On the other hand, recruitment agencies already have an established brand, and so adverts on recruitment agency platforms are met with better high profile applications better suited for your company vacancies. Also, agencies have established a relationship with a lot of professionals, and will advertise your company opening to them and get them to send in their applications.

Recruitment Agency Benefit #1 — A Larger Pool Of Talent

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Recruitment agencies always find the best talents suited for openings, whether it’s an administrative, medical or construction position. Usually, they have a database of people seeking jobs (this could be active or passive job seekers) and the skills that they possess. The knowledge of these people and their skills, and the role to be filled greatly reduces the number of people to be interviewed, thereby saving you time and money. All you have to do when working with a recruitment agency is to make your openings known to the consultant and what you are offering for the position.

Recruitment Agencies: Yay or Nay?

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It is well-known that recruiting for the right talents for any position, does not come cheaply. You end up spending so many funds and investing time in a process that may yield naught. Some companies like to think because they have a human resource department or their company is just a small business in the metro Atlanta area, there is no need for the services of recruitment agencies. Well, the fact is that no matter the size of your business, a recruitment agency can improve the pace of your recruitment process and save you extra money. In our subsequent posts this week, we will talk about the benefits of using a recruitment agency. Stay tuned.